Contemporary Ideas to Use for Your Gas Fireplace Mantel

radiant gas fireplaces

Source: Valor Fireplaces Facebook

While gas fireplaces may not have the same traditional appeal as wood ones, their mantels can certainly rival any of those around. Still, new technology demands new style. Here are a few ideas for using the design of your gas fireplace for a contemporary touch:

  • Use Tile – This is not just the familiar, ceramic material available for decades. Now, it comes in hundred of styles and colors made from some of the most exciting stones on the planet.
  • Include Leather – For a truly dramatic look, add leather above your mantel. The look is unexpected from both a visual and visceral perspective. You’ll be amazed at how your guests just stand and feel the material.
  • Use Themes – If you have the time, a seasonally changing theme is totally appropriate for above the mantel. You, your family and your guests will be enthralled by the continually changing tapestry.

For more information on these and other fireplace design ideas, please contact us at Valor – The Original Radiant Gas Fireplace.

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