Decorate Your Radiant Gas Fireplace Mantel for Fall

Now that the fall weather is getting cold enough to make you want to use your radiant gas fireplace, you should celebrate by decorating your mantle for autumn.  This colorful season has plenty of inspiring beauty that you can use for your mantle decorations that will make your fireplace feel festive and homey.

 Decorated Mantel for Fall

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to decorate your mantle for fall is to use natural elements.  Fallen tree branches full of colorful leaves, pumpkins and gourds, or in-season nuts like acorns are gorgeous when artfully arranged on a mantle.  Best of all, they come either free or very cheap!

 Decorating With Natural Elements

Adding some warm light sources in addition to the warm glow of the radiant gas fireplace will enhance your autumn decor, allowing the light to bounce off the fiery colors of the leaves and pumpkins.  Candles, lanterns, and lamps can be excellent sources of light, but you need to be careful with your arrangement to avoid fire hazards.

 Lighting Your Mantel

With Halloween around the corner, you can also bring some spooky elements into your mantel decoration.  Adding some cobwebs and a few fake skulls to the autumn decor goes a long way, but you can also do an entirely Halloween-themed mantle.

 Halloween Mantel

How would you decorate your radiant gas fireplace mantel for fall?  Share your ideas with us in the comments or share photos on our Facebook page; we’d love to see them!


Photos via Houzz

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