Divide an Open Floor Plan With a 2-Sided Fireplace

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Source: Houzz

Many homeowners have begun designing their homes with an open layout to make the home feel bigger and more spacious. However, there are a few issues with an open layout as well, many of which can be solved by adding a gas fireplace to the home that is two-sided.

The issue with an open layout is that it can lead to a less intimate feeling, especially when you have a huge amount of open space. Intimacy is what helps to create a comforting and inviting atmosphere, and a lack of intimacy can lead to the design feeling cold. A two-sided fireplace can solve all these problems. It will create a visual break when placed in the middle of the area without actually completely dividing it in two, there by creating two separated and more intimate spaces without eliminating the feeling of spaciousness.

A two-sided fireplace will also help make the space feel less cluttered, since it’s a great way to divide a living room area from a dining room area. Otherwise, you may just have a mess of furniture battling for visual attention.

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