Even With Gas Fireplaces, It’s Important to Inspect the Chimney

Keeping fireplace safety tips in mind is a no-brainer when using your fireplace. It doesn’t matter what type of fireplace you have either. Even a gas fireplace needs to be used with safety in mind. One thing that you need to make sure of is that your chimney is clear whenever you use your fireplace.

gas fireplace safety tips

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Many homeowners make the mistake of thinking that the chimney doesn’t really matter if they have a gas fireplace installed. A gas fireplace doesn’t produce smoke, after all. However, like every fireplace, gas fireplaces do produce heat. The heat that is produced by the use of a fireplace escapes through the chimney. If the chimney has debris blocking the path of the heat, such as leaves, branches or even birds nests, it can result in a fire hazard. This is because the heat from the fireplace is strong enough to cause combustible items to catch fire. Most of the time, a cover helps to block debris from getting into the vent. However, it’s important that you check it on a regular basis as a precaution.

Check the chimney regularly and contact us at Valor Fireplaces for additional information on gas fireplaces and fireplace safety tips.

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