Gas Fireplaces Can Add Warmth and Convenience to Your Home This Winter

gas fireplaces

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When temperatures plummet outdoors, a home’s heating system can have a hard time keeping up. Adding a gas fireplace is the perfect way to bring extra warmth to your home this winter. If your home already contains a wood-burning fireplace, these are messy and lack many convenient features you will find in gas models, many of which can be inserted into an existing fireplace.

The convenience of gas fireplaces

  • Valor gas fireplaces are programmable and come with a remote control. Come home to warmth by programming the fireplace to turn on before your arrival.
  • Gas fireplaces require no electricity. Just as with a wood burning fireplace, you can keep your home toasty warm even during a power outage. No need for any wiring also provides you more flexibility when choosing a location for the fireplace.
  • Gas fireplaces add instant beauty. You can design your gas fireplace to match your decor style by visiting our design center.

For more information about adding a gas fireplace, please contact us at Valor Radiant Gas Fireplaces. We can help you choose the best option for your home and lifestyle.

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