Get Maintenance Performed on Your Gas Fireplace This Autumn

Radiant Gas Fireplace MaintenanceCrisp autumn weather is here, with colder days just around the corner.  As the evenings get chillier, it becomes more tempting to turn on your radiant gas fireplace and cuddle around the warm glow of the fire to thaw yourself from the frosty air.  Before you give in to that temptation, you should be certain to have your annual professional inspection to ensure that the fireplace is properly functioning.

Annual inspections are incredibly important to the safe operation of a gas fireplace.  Your fireplace has likely been sitting idle since the warmer spring weather rolled in, and so it is necessary to have parts of it inspected and cleaned to prevent hazardous conditions before you light the flame again.  A professional who is trained in the maintenance of gas fireplaces is the best person to perform this inspection and cleaning, as they will know exactly what to look for and how to clean the various components.  In addition to cleaning and removing any vent obstructions, a professional will adjust the millivolt output and check the batteries of the carbon monoxide detector.

Once your fireplace has been inspected and cleaned, you will be able to safely enjoy its warmth and beauty after coming in from the cold.  For more information on fireplace safety or to learn how you can have a radiant gas fireplace installed in your home, feel free to call Valor Fireplaces at 877-253-9485 or check out our website.

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