Give Your Home Comfortable Spots to Get Warm

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Source: Valor Fireplaces

Getting cozy on a cold winter day is not complete without including a high quality radiant gas fireplace. Don’t limit yourself to the traditional location of the living room to enjoy the heat. Why not design special nooks and havens with warmth and comfort, also?

  • The kitchen is already the most preferred place in a home.  The first draw is planning and preparing meals, which can take up a big chunk of time. Imagine what a fireplace in the corner next to the breakfast bar could do to motivate everyone to help out and spend time.
  • The dining area becomes more inviting with a gas fireplace. Not only does mealtime become more relaxing, but your guests will want to linger longer by the warmth of the fire.
  • Add a radiant gas fireplace next to your most loved chair or bed in your bedroom  and then curl up with a cup of tea and a book.
  • Home offices can require quite a bit of your time. Think how much more inviting the room would be on a cold night with a fireplace. In the long run it may even improve productivity.

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