Give Your Mantel Some Fresh Color

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Since the fireplace is usually the most prominent feature in a room, it stands to reason that it should be given an extra amount of attention when it comes to the room’s décor. Here are some ideas for adding color to your fireplace’s mantel to accomplish this goal:

  • Standout White – Regardless of the overall color of a room, a white mantel and surround can provide a dramatic contrast to the rest of the décor. In particular, the vibrant sheen of a oil-based, enamel paint makes an extraordinary statement.
  • Complementary Color – For those with a more subdued taste, create a fireplace that fades into the background and lets the fire, itself, take predominance. This take also lets the rest of the room shine instead of taking second-billing to the fireplace.
  • Dazzle ‘Em with a Difference- For the truly bold, a bright purple or a neon-pink mantel can really define a room. Just be aware that you will have to repaint if you decide to change the décor.

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