Go Green with a Valor Radiant Gas Fireplace

Valor Radiant Gas FireplacesHow can you fight the cold in the harsh winters while still being green? You can do this with a Valor fireplace. Valor fireplaces are complemented by the Green Factor. These fireplaces offer an efficient heating method that will give comfort to your living space. They also boast impressive Enerchoice and Energuide ratings making them green certified.

Valor fireplaces have the Green Factor but they also have many other factors, which make them the fireplaces you should purchase. They come with a modulating valve, which limit CO2 emission. This saves on fuel and eliminates overheating. A Valor electronic ignition system is in install with these fireplaces. You can easily control the pilot light with the Valor programmable remote.

There is no need for an additional electricity cost as these fireplaces do not use electricity. Instead they use a mix of radiant and convective heat. They use direct venting, which improves the air quality in your home. This will give you the best balance heating that gas can provide.

A Valor fireplace is perfect for a new home or it could replace an existing fireplace. There is no excuse for you not to go green with your heating. Time to embrace the Green Factor.


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