How to Transform Your Red Brick Fireplace

The traditional red brick fireplace has occupied a place of honor in many homes for over a century. However, its old world style has not really kept pace with the demands of more modern and contemporary decors.

Updating a traditional fireplace starts by replacing the internal workings with a more convenient and efficient gas radiant one. This simple remodel makes the fireplace far more usable and energy-efficient than leaving it as-is.

How to Transform Your Red Brick Fireplace

Source: Valor Fireplaces

Secondly, a facelift for the look of a red brick fireplace is certainly in order. In the past, remodeling specialists have used a mechanical approach but these days, a mixed chemical / mechanical process is thought best.

While some experts recommend a simple latex stain, others believe that a combination of enamel paint and turpentine is best. In either case, it is always prudent to test the procedure on a small section of the home before applying in a larger area.

 For more info on this and other great design transformations or if you have finally decided on adding a gas fireplace to your home, please contact us at Valor Radiant Gas Fireplaces.

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