Make Certain Your Radiant Gas Fireplace is Vented Properly Before Lighting It

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A radiant gas fireplace is one of the best accessories that a homeowner can add to a home. In addition to the increased comfort they add, radiant fireplaces provide affordable and versatile heating to a home. Still, radiant fireplaces must be installed properly or they can pose a significant threat to a homeowner and his family.

In particular, radiant fireplaces must be vented properly. Not only must the incoming gas lines be securely connected but the exhaust vent must also be solidly insulated so that potentially fatal gases do not enter the living space.

On the way in, natural gas flows into a heating system but has a chemical compound, mercaptan, added to it that lends a very noticeable odor so these leaks are identified rather rapidly. Exhaust gas, on the other hand, contains a different, colorless and odorless gas, carbon monoxide, that is far more dangerous. It is absolutely imperative that you ensure that your exhaust system is vented properly and has no leaks.

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