Create a Cozy Corner Around Your Radiant Gas Fireplace This Winter

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A radiant gas fireplace just isn't right without a cozy corner to enjoy it in. That's why we wanted to help our customers create the perfect cozy corner to enjoy many days and nights alone with a good book, or with loved ones when the temperatures drop. For those nights when you want to treat yourself to a hot cup of cocoa or a hot toddy in front of the … [Read more...]

Make Certain Your Radiant Gas Fireplace is Vented Properly Before Lighting It

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A radiant gas fireplace is one of the best accessories that a homeowner can add to a home. In addition to the increased comfort they add, radiant fireplaces provide affordable and versatile heating to a home. Still, radiant fireplaces must be installed properly or they can pose a significant threat to a homeowner and his family. In particular, radiant … [Read more...]

Gas Fireplaces Can Add Warmth and Convenience to Your Home This Winter

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When temperatures plummet outdoors, a home’s heating system can have a hard time keeping up. Adding a gas fireplace is the perfect way to bring extra warmth to your home this winter. If your home already contains a wood-burning fireplace, these are messy and lack many convenient features you will find in gas models, many of which can be inserted into an … [Read more...]