Smart Controls Allow Valor Fireplaces to Save Fuel and Money

Remote Control Gas FireplaceEnergy-efficient heating is one of the advantages that radiant gas fireplaces have over many other home heating solutions.  Your radiant gas fireplace provides a comfortable level of heat to the room in which it’s installed, making it an effective means of heating only a part of your home where you are most active.  A circulating fireplace also helps to circulate the heated air in your home, allowing you to warm rooms other than the one in which the fireplace is installed.

If energy-efficiency is a feature that you value highly, Valor’s smart control fireplaces might interest you.  Our radiant gas fireplaces are equipped with a remote pilot light ignition, which allows you to safely turn the pilot light off and on.  Because you can remotely control your pilot light, you won’t need to leave it on at all times, saving you both on fuel and money.

For more information about the energy-efficient features of Valor radiant gas fireplaces, feel free to contact us by calling 877-253-9485.  We’ll be happy to help you with any questions you have!

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