Spring Cleaning for Your Gas Fireplace

Now that winter is almost over, it’s probably a good idea to dedicate a day to spring cleaning. Although odds are that you’ll have plenty of tasks ahead of you, be sure not to forget about your radiant gas fireplace. The following are a few important tips to cleaning out your gas fireplace for spring.

Valor Radiant Gas Fireplaces

  • Before beginning work on your gas fireplace, be sure to turn off the gas valve.
  • If you have installed a fan into your gas fireplace to help spread heat throughout the area, then you’ll want to make sure that it’s working properly.
  • Check the ventilation system for the gas fireplace. Make sure there’s nothing clogging it or keeping it from working properly.
  • Use a special glass cleaner made for gas fireplaces to clean the glass door at least once every one or two months.
  • Check the fake logs and carefully clean them using a soft bristle log cleaning brush.
  • Now that the winter has ended and the weather will begin getting warmer, you probably won’t use the gas fireplace anymore. Be sure to turn off the pilot light if this is the case.

 For more information about maintaining your gas fireplace, visit Valor Fireplaces online.

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