Surprise! How About a Freestanding Fireplace?

If you long for the warmth and beauty a gas fireplace adds, but your home lacks a firebox or chimney, or you want an extra fireplace in a separate room, consider a freestanding fireplace. These can be connected to existing chimneys or to new, custom made chimneys. Freestanding fireplaces offer many additional benefits as well.

freestanding fireplaces

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Add a freestanding Valor Radiant Gas Fireplaces to nearly any room. You may even choose to have them installed in outdoor areas, such as patios or pool houses.

Individualized Warmth

Some people feel cold indoors in nearly any season. If you have a family member who feels chilled even when others are warm, he or she will enjoy his or her own fireplace, and will be able to control the room’s temperature to match a specific comfort level without making others suffer.

Style and Art

A freestanding fireplace can function as a decorative focal point that draws other style elements together. You can add customized features to the fireplace and surrounding area to transform the look of a space.

Our fireplaces are an ideal feature for many types of spaces. For a customized look to suit your style, you can even design your own freestanding fireplace on our website.

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