Tips for Arranging Your Living Room Around a Fireplace

Nights are getting chillier, making the perfect atmosphere to light your radiant gas fireplace and gather around the warm glow with your family.  You can optimize your enjoyment of your fireplace this winter with smart furniture arrangement that will allow you to take advantage of its heat and beauty.

Start with your sofa, which is the largest and most difficult-to-place piece of furniture in most living rooms.  Sofas work well when arranged parallel to the fireplace, either against the opposite wall or creating a barrier between the living room and other parts of the home in an open floor plan.

 Couch Position in Furniture Arrangement

Arm chairs and smaller seating can cozy up to the fireplace, sitting perpendicular to them or angled slightly on the diagonal.

 Arrange Armchairs Around a Fireplace

If possible, hang your television above your fireplace so that the furniture angles can take full advantage of both.

 Hanging Television Above Fireplace

There are no hard and fast rules for arranging furniture around your fireplace, and adjustments will need to be made for different room shapes and different collections of furniture.  Do you have any tips for arranging furniture around a fireplace?  We’d love to hear them in the comments or on our Facebook page!


Photos via Houzz

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