Winter Mantle Decorations for your Radiant Gas Fireplace

December begins tomorrow, and it’s time to fully embrace winter in your home.  As you’re packing away your fall decorations from the mantle of your radiant gas fireplace, consider how you will decorate your mantle for the winter season.

Because a fireplace is typically the focal point of any room in which it is installed, it is a key location for decorations that can set a mood for the rest of the room.  You can choose to bring a sense of warmth and cheer to the room with lights and candles, or you can embrace the elegance of winter with decorations inspired by snow, ice, and bare trees.  We’ve found a few examples of great winter mantels you can use to inspire the decoration of your own radiant gas fireplace mantel.

Snow Inspired Mantel

Winter Themed Candles

Plants and Lights Mantel

Simply Designed Winter Mantel

How are you decorating your Valor radiant gas fireplace this winter?  Share your ideas with us in the comments or send us photos on our Facebook page!

Photo Credits:
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