A Gas Fireplace is an Efficient Choice for Your Business

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Many small business owners often look for various ways to improve the atmosphere of their business in order to make it more comfortable and inviting for customers. Whether you are the owner of a coffee shop, bakery, or bookstore adding a gas fireplace can do just that. A gas fireplace can be the perfect addition to your store for a number of … [Read more...]

Why 90% of Newly Built Homes Show Preference for Gas Fireplaces

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Looking to heat up your home this winter? Many homeowners are also looking to reduce the cost of their bills while finding ways to warm their homes. It's not that easy to find affordable ways to deal with the change in weather, but Valor Radiant Gas Fireplaces would like to help. The same frustration that affects homeowners is the cost of electric or gas … [Read more...]

Bored of Your Fireplace? Ideas for Updates

Source: Francisco Belard via Wikimedia Commons

In many homes, a fireplace stands out as the centerpiece of the room. In fact, its size, color and shape will dominate almost any decor. Still, fireplaces do become outdated and must be updated at some point. Here are a few ideas for updating yours if it has started to bore your aesthetic sensibility: Replace the Mantel – Much of a fireplace's … [Read more...]