Know the Parts of a Gas Fireplace: The Sediment Trap

Sediment TrapIf you own or are thinking about owning a radiant gas fireplace, it’s important to know the components that help the fireplace to work to the best of its abilities.  Knowing the parts of your fireplace can help you to better understand and maintain them for a more efficient and safer fireplace.

One part of the gas fireplace you should know about is the sediment trap, also called a drip leg.  The sediment trap is not a part of the gas appliance itself; rather, it is installed as close to the appliance’s inlet as possible.  Their purpose is to keep solid particles from blocking valves and openings in your fireplace.

Natural gas has become cleaner over the years, so the usefulness of sediment traps has become debatable.  However, they are still required by building codes in many places so it is still a good idea to have one.

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Photo via Ashi Reporter


  1. James Mize says:

    May one install a 1/2″ black iron pipe on outside foundation wall instead of under crawl space for a 3200 btu lp gas heater?I prefer no connections under crawl space.Thanks for your time.

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