Power Outtage? Stay Warm with a Valor Fireplace

custom fireplace

Valor fireplaces are the perfect solution to give you and your family the peace of mind you deserve - knowing that the next time the power goes out in your home, you wont be left out in the cold. Consider the millions of people who were left without power after Hurricane Sandy. Families were stranded for days, even weeks without power, and, for the vast … [Read more...]

Know the Parts of a Gas Fireplace: The Sediment Trap

Sediment Trap

If you own or are thinking about owning a radiant gas fireplace, it's important to know the components that help the fireplace to work to the best of its abilities.  Knowing the parts of your fireplace can help you to better understand and maintain them for a more efficient and safer fireplace. One part of the gas fireplace you should know about is the … [Read more...]

Adding a Radiant Gas Fireplace to Your Bedroom

Radiant Gas Fireplace in Bedroom

Now that Daylight Savings Time has come and gone, the mornings have gotten much darker and colder.  It's often a trial to force yourself out from under your warm blankets in the early morning to face the chilly air of your bedroom before getting ready for work. What if your mornings could start more comfortably?  Instead of the shock of cold air when … [Read more...]