Why 90% of Newly Built Homes Show Preference for Gas Fireplaces

gas insert fireplaces

Source: Valor Fireplaces

Looking to heat up your home this winter? Many homeowners are also looking to reduce the cost of their bills while finding ways to warm their homes. It’s not that easy to find affordable ways to deal with the change in weather, but Valor Radiant Gas Fireplaces would like to help.

The same frustration that affects homeowners is the cost of electric or gas bills when the climate decides it’s colder or hotter. The upcoming winter months are harsh in the North and are the toughest on our pocketbooks. The installation of a radiant gas fireplace may be your solution. Gas inserts are popular because they heat up better than traditional wood and won’t hassle you with extra mess. Gas is also inexpensive, and the fireplaces themselves will be direct-vented and will not cause soot and ruin your newly painted walls.

At Valor Radiant Gas Fireplaces, we have beautiful designs to customize and create to suit your home.

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