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    6 Tips To Prepare Your Home For Spring

    As daylight savings has arrived and our evenings stay light for longer, this can only mean one thing: Spring is right around the corner! So, to prepare for the arrival of Spring, it’s time to get your home prepped inside and out for the new season. By checking these items off your list, you’ll not only feel ready for Spring, your home will look ready as well! Keep reading to find out 6 tips to prepare your home for the upcoming season: Prepare A Garden Plan: While it may feel too early to do any work in the garden, you can check off some prep work by starting to plan. Head out…

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    Valor Fireplace Features

    Today’s post will focus on a variety of important features related to your radiant Valor gas fireplace. From safety features to heat management, we’ve gathered a collection of videos to explain the top features available with your fireplace. HeatShift™ – The Right Heat in the Right Place Designed to reduce surface temperatures, the Valor HeatShift System is recommended, especially when for heat sensitive material directly above the fireplace. Available for all Valor Linear fireplaces as well as the H5 & H6 Series.   Learn more at valorfireplaces.com/heatshift No Power No Problem™ Valor fireplaces are fully functional heaters that don’t use electricity. Our products provide efficient warmth, designed to heat your…

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    3 Ways To Make A Small Bathroom Look Big

    In most homes, the smallest room in the house will usually be the bathroom. Whether you’re dealing with a guest bathroom or a small en-suite, it’s extra important to utilize the space the best you can and increase room for storage. This can be tricky because, at first glance, it may seem like you don’t have any square footage to work with! But the important thing to remember is that with a little creative and a DIY touch you can make your small bathroom look and feel big. Keep reading to find out more.   Work With White: It may be surprising that one color can make your space look so…

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    How To Display Fresh Flowers

    While the temperatures outside may still be chilly, it doesn’t mean the inside can’t feel warm and fresh! A great way to bring that feeling into your home is to decorate and display fresh flowers! Now, when it comes to displaying flowers you don’t have to stick to the traditional vase and water as there are so many creative ways to show off your fresh, colorful blooms. Keep reading to find out how to display fresh flowers in your home:   Vintage Tins Instead of using a traditional vase, why not repurpose something old to make it look new again? Using vintage tins, containers or unique package containers you can give your arrangement…

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    View Product Components

    We’ve added a new aspect to our website this week that allows our customers and dealers to quickly view individual product fronts, trims, surrounds, liners, fuel beds & accessories. View the steps below to learn more: 1) Click the link for one of Valor’s product by clicking here. 2) Scroll down to the “Components” section. 3) Click the image link as shown in the screenshot and the component image will appear on your screen. 4) The product front, trim, surround, liner, fuel bed or accessory is now visible on your screen. Click anywhere around the image to exit.

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    How To Choose Furniture For Your Home

      When you’re deciding how to furnish a room or your entire home, it can be difficult to know where to start.  This is usually the case because you want to make sure you’re choosing the right pieces for your space while reflecting your personal style in each room. So before you get overwhelmed trying to furnish a room or pick the perfect couch, take some time to plan out your space and really think about how you want it to look when it’s complete. Also, make sure to keep reading ahead to get some tips on how to choose furniture for your home:   Create A Room Plan When you’re…

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    Visit Valor at HPBExpo 2017

    HPBExpo attracts thousands of distributors and retailers representing more than 350 leading hearth, patio and BBQ manufacturers and suppliers exhibiting their latest products. Valor Fireplaces will be attending the show and looking to show off our latest product offerings. Find out more about the show below: Visit our booth Feel the heat of a radiant Valor gas fireplace by visiting indoor booth #1915. When’s the show? March 2nd – 4th, 2017 Where’s the show? HPBExpo show will be held at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA. For directional and mapping support, click the map below: You can see live burning Valor fireplaces and talk to our extremely qualified…

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    5 Home Features To Upgrade With Paint

      It’s amazing what a clean coat of paint can do to a room, a fixture or even your favorite piece of furniture. Somehow, by adding that smooth color and fresh coat it gives the item or space your working on new life and makes the home feel refreshed without much work. So, why not take a look around your home and see what you can upgrade! All you’ll need is your favorite color of paint, a few hours and some creativity and before you know it, your space will feel brand new! Keep reading to find out which 5 home features you should upgrade with paint: Walls If you…

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    Featured: H6 Series

    Although large in presence, the H6 Series firebox design features tapered sides and shallow depth for smooth installation in a variety of applications. An impressive secondary heat exchanger circulates warm air naturally through convection. As well, custom fuel beds are designed to project this radiant warmth to objects in your living space creating a steady, even heat. Fuel Bed & Liner Options The H6 offers a variety of options to enhance your living space. Fuel beds include the popular Pebble Beach Driftwood, Murano Glass, Decorative Glass & Traditional Log Set. To complete the look of your firebox, utilize one of our liner options. Liners include Red Brick, Fluted Black, Plain…

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    Homemade Lemon Muffins

    Are you craving a bright spring inspired treat during these cold winter days? Well, this may be the perfect recipe for you!  These lemon muffins work as a great snack or can be served as a dessert with a topping of your favorite homemade icing. However you choose to serve them, make sure to double the recipe because they will be flying off the plate before you know it. These muffins also work great if you bake them and freeze them for a later date! Keep reading to find out how to make your own homemade lemon muffins:   Ingredients Needed: 1 Full Lemon, For Zesting & Juice 2 Cups…