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    Summer Cleaning Your Valor Fireplace

    As summer is quickly approaching, the last thing we are thinking about is heating up the house with our fireplace as the sun will do that for us! However, before you shut everything down for the warmer months, it’s important to give your Valor fireplace the maintenance it deserves. This will also ensure that it will be ready when temperatures begin to drop in the fall and winter, and your ready to heat your home. Cleaning your fireplace for the summer won’t take much elbow grease and will leave your Valor fireplace looking as good as possible over the summer. Check out the cleaning tips below to get your Valor Fireplace ready for summer:…

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    Valor Wallpaper Downloads

    We wanted to treat our readers to a fun pack of Valor HD wallpapers, perfect for display on your computer, tablet or HDTV! Each product family is represented, displaying a beautiful room setting along with a stunning Valor fireplace in each featured shot. So don’t delay, download your Valor HD wallpapers today and feel the warmth of a Valor wherever you go! Download the wallpapers (2560×1600) by clicking the images below: For more stunning Valor fireplace photography, visit our Product page to learn more.

  • Home & Lifestyle

    DIY Dusting Spray

    Dust can be one of the biggest problems when it comes to keeping the house clean and fresh. This is because dust can find its way into every corner, ledge and surface and hang on for dear life. But there is a way to combat the every growing dust problem and it won’t take more than a few steps. Now you could easily go out and buy a dust specific cleaner, but instead why not make your own at home? You most likely have all the needed ingredients on hand and you’ll be able to rest easy knowing no chemicals are included in the spray. Keep reading to find out how to…

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    Understanding Fireplace Terminology

    The fireplace industry is full of unfamiliar terms, so we want to supply an understanding of the words or phrases which are frequently associated with Valor fireplaces or the fireplace industry itself. We use a large portion of these terms throughout our website and print material so if you see something you aren’t familiar with, check this page for the answer! B VENT – Listed, factory-built, double wall metal pipe for venting gas appliances with draft hoods and other appliances listed for use with Type B Gas Vent. BLOWER – An electric, motor driven fan used to circulate air at an increased pace and velocity through the fireplace convection air…

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    5 Plants For Beginner Gardeners

    Creating a beautiful garden with fresh flowers, greenery and produce is a difficult challenge. This can be especially true for a beginner gardener as you have to know what plant is best for your yard and how to give it enough love to keep it full and beautiful! Luckily, there is an easy way to start as a beginner gardener by planting plants that are easy to grow and maintain. Check out the list below to find 5 plants that are perfect for beginner gardeners: Lavender Lavender not only comes packed with vibrant purple color, it also has a wonderful scent that will keep your garden smelling amazing all year! Lavender…

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    Classic, Vanilla Milkshake

    As we start to get into the summer and the weather starts to warm up,  we start looking for fun drink options to cool us down! Now you could easily go with refreshing water or a cold iced tea, but if you’re looking for something a little more exciting why not make a classic, vanilla milkshake? Most people have a direct memory attached to milkshakes, whether it was enjoying one in the backyard as a child, or sitting in your favorite mom and pop cafe drinking a hand turned milkshake. There are many different ways and styles to make milkshakes, but we like to keep it nice and simple. You’ll want…

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    Valor’s Latest Videos

    As we continue to grow our online presence and content for 2015, Valor has also been hard at work creating new videos for our customers and dealer network. The goal is to ensure that each fireplace series has a “burning flame” video that articulates what the fire would look like in a home setting. These type of videos help our end users envision if that specific fireplace will match the rest of their home’s design & decor. As 2015 continues, expect several new videos to be added including educational videos for our latest remote control system, fireplace/tv installations and much more! Below is a collection of Valor’s latest videos: Legend…

  • Home Design & Decor

    5 Creative Ways To Display & Store Books

    Most everyone you talk to will have a favorite book that they love and maybe even have read several times. Whether it’s a classic book from your school days or a new book that you devoured in a few days, books are always something to be loved and remembered. But when you’re not reading, you need somewhere to display your favorite reads right? Well, long gone are the days where you just throw a book on the bookshelf and forget about it, because the options are endless when it comes to storing and displaying books! Keep reading below to find 5 creative ways to display and store books:    …

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    Quality Materials & Finishes

    As each Valor fireplace model is introduced we strive to ensure that the product put forth is the best quality it can be, both materialistically and aesthetically. Quality engineering inside and out includes an aluminized steel firebox for preventing rust, custom heat exchanger designed to convect warmth, flame modulating valve for adjusting heat output to the perfect room temperature and industry compliant barrier safety screens. Distinctive designs that enhance any room decor, Valor’s product finishes include only the finest materials: Quality castings, artisan patina, brushed nickel and powder coated paints highlight contemporary and traditional designs to satisfy any space in your home. Along with the finishes are the stunning and…

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    How To Decorate With Natural Wood

    We are seeing a lot more styles and trends go back to  basics when it comes to home design and decorating. One basic decorating material that has been around for virtually ever is natural wood. By bringing natural wood elements in the home, it refreshes your space and brings the outdoors in. The options are absolutely endless when we are talking about natural wood as you can bring in small accents to pull together the room, or you can use it as your main decor to make a modern and bold statement! Natural Wood Mantel We don’t have to look far to see how amazing natural wood can look when it…