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  • Minimal Work Space
    Home & Lifestyle

    Minimal & Effective Work Space

    As technology continues to grow and become part of our every day lives we have to remember to keep things in perspective and stay as organized as possible. New tech devices, gadgets & more can easily clutter our desks making it nearly impossible to stay efficient. With home offices becoming more and more accessible we want to explore staying organized with your work space while minimizing distractions. After all, with less distractions you get more time to enjoy your Valor gas fireplace! It’s easy to just throw things onto your desk and forget about them, but this causes unnecessary clutter and distraction. Review our top 5 ways to de-clutter your…

  • Home Design & Decor

    Artwork & Your Valor Fireplace

    When you think about decorating your living room, artwork might be a big part of your decorating decision. One popular place to hang or show off artwork is above your Valor Fireplace or directly above your mantel piece. This is a great option as usually it gives the artwork a chance to shine in the center of the room. However, when you are picking the type of colors and art you want to hang, the choice isn’t always the easiest. That’s where we can help! We have gathered some great options that may help you decide what art works best for your space and your Valor Fireplace. Bold Colours One…

  • Home & Lifestyle

    DIY Homemade Laundry Detergent

    No matter if you have a big or small family, laundry seems to be the one thing that always tends to pile up! While we may not have the magic solution for making laundry disappear completely, we do have a solution that will save you some money. You can make your own, DIY version of laundry soap right in your own home and it won’t require much work at all. Not only is it easy and quick to make, you’ll also be saving yourself extra money that could go towards something more exciting than laundry! With the time and money you’ll save on laundry, you’ll be able to spend more quality moments in…

  • Fireplace Information

    Valor Fireplaces Green Initiative

    Trying to be more green and ecologically friendly around the home isn’t always an easy task. Luckily, Valor Fireplaces have got you covered when it comes to being more efficient and green. Every Valor Fireplace has been created to run as efficiently as possible, while keeping your family’s comfort and heat in mind. When we look closer at how your Valor Fireplace is really running, it can be seen that with a few key features there is no question why Valor is a brand that is always thinking ahead when it comes to being green. The first key feature is the multi-tasking, programmable remote that is included with every Valor fireplace…

  • Media,  Valor Products

    Introducing the Valor Family

    Valor has a large spectrum of products, accessories and more and it can sometimes become confusing to know how to choose the best option for your home. The website and individual product brochures do a great job of detailing each product, but what if you wanted a more generalized overview? Well look no further, as Valor has created a beautifully designed product catalogue! Dubbed the “Introduction to the Valor Family”, each page gives a general outline of each product and offers some vivid imagery to look through. The catalogue also details the differences between the different application types, such as inserts and freestanding models, and offers some great insight into…

  • Food & Recipes

    Good Morning Blueberry Muffins

    Whether you are heading to work, school or just starting your day at home, it can be hard to find the right breakfast to start your day. Most of us are looking for something quick and easy, but sometimes we lose sight of the healthy aspects when we are trying to hurry! So for the best of both worlds, why not try blueberry muffins to start the day? These “good morning” muffins can be made first thing in the morning or the night before and can be frozen for breakfast on the go. So, the next time your in a jam for breakfast try whipping up a batch of good morning blueberry…

  • Media

    Introducing the new Legend G3 Brochure

    A brand new version of the Legend G3 Insert Series brochure is set to be released very soon, but we are giving everyone a sneak peek today! Following the recent re-designs of other brochures, the G3 brochure continued with the new modern format. Valor ensures that each brochure produced is filled with vivid imagery, detailed information and easy to understand specifications so that both the customer and dealer can take advantage of. What’s New? New 2015 format, following previous re-designs More content and information added Full product spread showcasing the many options of the G3 3 fold, detailed specification pages View the PDF version of the new Legend G3 Insert…

  • Home & Lifestyle

    10 Household Uses For Vinegar

    Vinegar is something most of us have around the house or hiding in the cupboards. It may not be something you use on a regular basis, but surprisingly it can be the magic ingredient to fixing common household issues.  Vinegar is so versatile it can be used in and around the house, outside in the garden and as a base for homemade, natural cleaners.  So, the next time you’re at the store make sure to grab an extra large bottle of vinegar and try out some of these great household uses to see just how great vinegar can be! Blind Cleaner: If your household window blinds seem to collect dust quickly, try…

  • Home & Lifestyle

    How To Decorate With Chalkboards

    Home and decor inspirations change on a regular basis, as there is always a new idea or style waiting around the corner.  But one decor trend that has stuck over the last few years, is using chalkboards or chalkboard paint in and around the home. That’s right, chalkboards aren’t just for the classroom anymore. With a little bit of creativity, chalkboards can bring in a modern, rustic look without much work. Chalkboards can be so versatile, you can use them on your table, as striking wall decor or as a statement piece on the mantel of your Valor Fireplace.  Wherever you decide to display your chalkboard, make sure to get…