Know the Parts of a Gas Fireplace: The Sediment Trap

Sediment Trap

If you own or are thinking about owning a radiant gas fireplace, it's important to know the components that help the fireplace to work to the best of its abilities.  Knowing the parts of your fireplace can help you to better understand and maintain them for a more efficient and safer fireplace. One part of the gas fireplace you should know about is the … [Read more...]

How to Convert Your Wood-Burning Fireplace to a Gas Fireplace

Gas Insert Fireplace

Wood-burning fireplaces are great additions to any home, but the upkeep can quickly become a hassle.  Finding and storing dry wood, cleaning the ash from the fireplace, and buying all the tools and screens you need for safe operation of a wood fireplace gets expensive and time consuming, especially compared to the ease of flipping a switch on a gas … [Read more...]

What is a Circulating Fireplace?

Efficient Home Heating

If you've been looking into alternate ways to heat your home, investing in a high-quality radiant gas fireplace might be the perfect solution for you.  One way to maximize the heat gain from your radiant gas fireplace is to opt for a circulating fireplace and a blower for your home. A circulating fireplace has multiple walls around the fire chamber. … [Read more...]