In Case of Fire, Plan a Family Home Escape Route

Valor Radiant Gas Fireplaces provide soothing warmth and are a green option for heating any room of your home. These fireplaces are also a stylish alternative to wood burning fireplaces, and all of our products undergo extensive safety testing. As our customer’s safety is important to us, we offer the following tips for planning a home escape routes. House fires can happen to anyone, and lightning strikes, faulty wiring, cooking mishaps and other accidents can cause them.

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Evaluate Each Room for Escape Routes

  • In upper rooms, the quickest escape may be out of a window. Every family member should know how to open windows and remove any screens or bars on the windows. If there is no safe way down from the window, you may need collapsible ladders. FEMA’s page on escape planning recommends using ladders evaluated and approved by a recognized testing laboratory.

Designate a Safe Meeting Area Outside

  • This is the fastest way to make sure everyone is accounted for. Never go back inside after escaping.

Practice Once a Month

  • Have the whole family practice escaping a fire at least once every month.

Please visit our website for safety tips specific to gas fireplaces.

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