Spring Cleaning? Don’t Let Your Valor Manual Add to Your Clutter


Few things beat the gentle warmth of a gas radiant fireplace to break the chill. As spring brings warmer temperatures, you may find you use your Valor fireplaces less frequently. However, their decorative presence will continue to offer a luxurious touch to your home. In addition, our fireplaces are easy to keep clean. They will not add any unnecessary … [Read more...]

Prevent Injuries Caused by Hot Glass in a Gas Fireplace

fireplace safety tips

When temperatures outside are brisk, few things bring more comfort to a home than a radiant gas fireplace. Unlike wood burning fireplaces, you can adjust the warmth with just a touch to the remote. Although gas fireplaces burn differently from log burning units, there are still some fireplace safety tips you should follow. Heat is heat, no matter the source, … [Read more...]

Help Fight the Common Cold with the Warmth of a Gas Fireplace

Valor Radiant Gas Fireplaces

Sickness often makes you feel cold. You may suffer from chills,  and even shiver uncontrollably.  Dressing warmly, covering up in heavy blankets or snuggling by a fire helps sooth you, and make you feel warmer. A radiant gas fireplace creates comforting atmosphere when you're sick. The even heat distribution will give you an all over warming sensation, and … [Read more...]