Preparation and Proper Maintenance are the Keys to Home Fireplace Safety

fireplace safety tips

Source; Valor Fireplaces

Having a fireplace in your home can provide a number of benefits, from providing additional comfort during the colder months of the year to giving your interior design a beautiful focal point. However, it’s important that you keep the following fireplace safety tips in mind:

  • Maintenance – Routine maintenance such as cleaning the glass and replacing the batteries in the handset and remote receiver is a must. Also schedule a maintenance check with a local professional to ensure the safety and efficiency of your fireplace.
  • Maintenance safety – Before doing routine maintenance, make sure that the fireplace is completely off and that it has cooled down.
  • Keep the area clear – Keep draperies, furniture and other objects at least three feet away from the fireplace.
  • Keep clear of the glass – The glass gets incredibly hot. Family and visitors should understand they can’t get too close. You may want to add a safety gate if you have small children.
  • Keep remotes in a safe spot – Keep your remote control handset out of reach from any children in your home.

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