Prevent Injuries Caused by Hot Glass in a Gas Fireplace

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When temperatures outside are brisk, few things bring more comfort to a home than a radiant gas fireplace. Unlike wood burning fireplaces, you can adjust the warmth with just a touch to the remote. Although gas fireplaces burn differently from log burning units, there are still some fireplace safety tips you should follow. Heat is heat, no matter the source, and the glass front can get very hot.

Warn Everyone to Avoid the Glass

Adults and children alike may not realize how hot the glass can get. Alert everyone to the potential danger.

Hide the Remote

This prevents children from operating the fireplace when you are not present.

Use a Safety Screen

Even if you are present in the room with your children or pets, accidents can happen. A child or pet could touch the glass before you have time to stop them. In many cases, a moment of contact with the hot glass is all it takes to induce a serious burn. The best way to prevent this kind of accident is to use a safety screen. These barriers do not interfere in the fireplace’s ability to heat the area, and they will protect children and pets from burns.

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