Spring Cleaning? Don’t Let Your Valor Manual Add to Your Clutter

metal fireplace

Bronze fireplace by Valor Radiant Gas Fireplace

Few things beat the gentle warmth of a gas radiant fireplace to break the chill. As spring brings warmer temperatures, you may find you use your Valor fireplaces less frequently. However, their decorative presence will continue to offer a luxurious touch to your home.

In addition, our fireplaces are easy to keep clean. They will not add any unnecessary burden to your spring cleaning schedule.  Just remember to allow the glass to cool before cleaning, and follow the easy instructions in your owner’s manual.

If you are wondering where to get your owner’s manual, we have made it very easy. During your spring-cleaning, you will not have to keep track of any paper manuals for your fireplace. All Valor manuals are downloadable from our website. You can find your manual right here.

Paper manuals can be damaged or misplaced. You can retrieve a Valor digital manual anytime with no worries. You then have the choice of whether to print it out, or view it only on your computer.

image via Valor Radiant Gas Fireplace

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