Want to Make Your Valor Fireplace Safer?

Source: Valor Fireplaces

Source: Valor Fireplaces

Valor is proud of our continued commitment to safety. As purveyors of home fireplaces, we  are required to adhere to many strict regulations to ensure our product’s safety. As well as going above and beyond these regulations, we strive to keep our customers educated by regularly posting fireplace safety tips online. While other companies scrape by to meet the minimum requirements of the law, Valor embraces the ideology of safety by staying years ahead of the standard government regulations.

New standards in our industry require all gas fireplaces manufactured as of 2015 to include protective screens or safety barriers. At Valor, each of our gas fireplaces have come equipped with protective screens since January of 2013. That puts Valor a full two years ahead of these upcoming safety regulations.

To further our commitment to safety, we want to help customers who bought from us prior to 2013 meet these new safety standards. These customers are encouraged to contact their nearest Valor dealer, who will set you up with a new safety screen as quickly as possible. Visit us online and find a local dealer to get started now, or visit our blog for more fireplace safety tips.

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