What to Watch Out For When Operating Your Radiant Gas Fireplace

Valor Radiant Gas FireplaceRadiant gas fireplaces are designed to safely and comfortably heat your home with less wasted energy, but as with any appliance in your home it does come with its risk factors.  Malfunctioning or damaged gas fireplaces can pose a safety hazard to your home and family, so it’s important to be familiar with the signs that you need to turn it off and have it checked by a professional.

  • If the glass door on your radiant gas fireplace has a crack or break in it, do not operate your fireplace until it is fixed.
  • If the flames turn strange colors, it could be a sign that the fireplace is malfunctioning.  Turn it off and call your local dealer or technician to fix it.
  • If you smell unusual odors while operating the fireplace, that is another sign that it is not operating properly and needs professional maintenance.
  • If you smell gas while the fireplace is off, call emergency services or your gas company immediately.

By staying aware of these risks and warning signs, you can be certain to safely enjoy the beauty and comfort of your radiant gas fireplace during the cold winters.  For more information on the safe operation of your radiant gas fireplace, call Valor Fireplaces at 877-253-9485.


  1. Steve Flax says:

    There is an unusual odor when I operate my Valor 530ILN/ILP “President” fireplace. I usually run the fireplace for about 15-30 min at a time, as this usually is sufficient to heat up the room.
    The fireplace was installed several years ago and the installer tells me that I need to run the fireplace for an hour at full throttle to burn off the manufacturers’ coating.
    Is this correct?
    Steve Flax

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