• Choosing the Right Fireplace

    NEW Product Pages

    We are happy to announce all NEW web product pages have been introduced that mirror the design introduced with the LX2 3-Sided Series. We wanted to ensure that our dealers and customers could easily find the products they were looking for and put our beautiful photos and spec information at the forefront. Also included in the update was re-working our Retrofire and Portrait Series product pages for a better understanding of each. Full details of the update include: New Overview section – “full view” image of the product, product name, description and links to the brochure, design center and owner’s manual at top of page New Specifications section – inputs/outputs,…

  • Media

    NEW H5/H6 Combo Brochure

    NEW H5/H6 Combo Brochure! We have recently combined the large format H5 & H6 Series into a single brochure in an effort to better articulate the differences and advantages of each fireplace. The H5 and H6 are our largest zero-clearance fireplaces and exude radiance and comfort. View some of the differences and similarities in the chart below: H5 Series Front & Fuel Bed Combinations: H6 Series Front & Fuel Bed Combinations: View/Download Now! To view the entirely new H5/H6 combined brochure please click here.

  • Fireplace Information

    HeatShift™ Options & Benefits

    Keeps Walls Cooler Valor’s unique HeatShift™ transfers convective heat upwards through hidden ducts and back into the room — completely bypassing the wall and surface areas above the fireplace — so valued artwork, a TV or construction materials stay cooler. Flexible Installation Options Improved Performance A raised heat outlet improves convection airflow — reducing wall temperatures and improving overall performance – circulating warm air back into the room at a higher elevation. ƒ Harnessing convective warmth, up to 60% of fireplace heat rises and flows through HeatShift™ and back into the room. The remaining radiant heat emanates from the fireplace, warming people and their space. More options for construction Run…

  • Home & Lifestyle

    June 2017 Blog Overview

    June has come and come and Summer is officially here! Review the top 5 posts from June to see what you might have missed from Valor fireplaces or our lifestyle content: Choosing a fireplace for your home Update your fireplace for Summer Introducing AutoFire for the Legend G3 Get the most out of your outdoor space Utilizing a Valor dealer Don’t forget to subscribe for future updates, find the subscription form on the left sidebar.

  • Home Design & Decor

    4 Ways To Use Wallpaper In The Home

    Wallpaper has stormed back into the design world in the last couple of years and it looks like it is here to stay! Wallpaper can add so much to a room with a simple application and it adds a new texture that you may not be able to achieve with any other wall treatment. Now, the tricky part of wallpaper is deciding where it will look best within the home and where to place it as the options can be endless. Keep reading to find out 4 different ways to use wallpaper in the home:   Accent Wall: The most popular application of wallpaper in the home is using it as…

  • Valor Products

    Introducing Herringbone for the H5 & H6

    Now Available on the H5 & H6 Series The sought after and highly anticipated Herringbone liners, available in Adobe color, are now available on the H6 & H5 Series. The new liner in combination with a radiant Valor gas flame will produce a stunning visual for any home, showroom or living space. Ask your authorized Valor Dealer about the new Herringbone (1475HBL or 1175HBL) liners today to learn more. Learn More Learn more about each product by visiting the H6 Series or H5 Series product pages.

  • Geo-Locate your Dealer

    Geo-Locate Your Dealer

    Recently, the Valor website underwent an update that allowed for an easier method to locate your local authorized fireplace dealer. Once you allow our website to access your location, you will see a new button called “Use My Location” as seen above. Clicking the button will automatically geo-locate your position and present you with a list of dealers in your immediate area. No more typing in postal or zip codes! This feature is now functional on any device, including your home computer, tablet, or mobile devices. Find a Dealer in your Area Locate your authorized Valor Fireplace dealer today by clicking here.

  • Home Design & Decor

    3 Ways To Upgrade Your Backyard

    Due to the warm spring and summer weather that should be arriving soon, we will tend to spend more time in our outdoor spaces than we do inside which means it’s time to start thinking ahead. With a few key changes, you can make your backyard or outdoor area a true extension of the inside of your home and create a space you will love to spend time in. Whether you decide to go with a few small changes or a big change that really impacts your yard, anything will be an improvement for the upcoming season. Keep reading to find out 3 ways to upgrade your backyard this year:  …

  • Food & Recipes

    Homemade Spring Lemon Loaf

    Is there a better way to welcome in Spring than to bake a bright and flavorful treat that everyone will enjoy? This zesty lemon loaf only requires a few ingredients, a little bit of time and before you know it your home will smell wonderful and you’ll have a great spring inspired treat to serve! This lemon loaf can be served immediately after baking or it can be frozen or cooled for later use and you can double the recipe if you’re expecting a large crowd. Keep reading to find out how to make your own homemade Spring lemon loaf:   Ingredients Needed: 3 Cups Of White Flour 2 Cups Of…

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    NEW HeatShift™ Brochure

    The HeatShift™ System brochure has been updated for 2017 with a number of important changes. Incorporated is a new visual design used on recent brochure updates, while also including these important updates: New room setting examples showcasing the different venting applications – including wall valance. See images below for examples. Updated and organized content throughout for a clearer picture of the overall system and application methods. Line drawings of different venting applications based on HeatShift™ components. Simplified line drawing and explanation of system – incorporated HeatShift temperature gauge. New line drawings for wall/valance outlet and side outlets on spec page. Installation Examples View & Download To view and download the…