The Comfort of a Gas Fireplace Complements a Cozy Kitchen

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With the growing popularity of open kitchen designs, the kitchen is becoming less of a sterile work space and more of a comfortable location in which to gather with family and friends. A gas fireplace can help create a pleasant and cozy place to enjoy coffee or desert. Here are some tips, courtesy of Valor Radiant Gas Fireplace. Space Considerations For … [Read more...]

Is Going Green One of Your New Year’s Resolutions? A Gas Fireplace Can Help

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This New Years, making your life a little bit greener can be as luxurious as adding a radiant gas fireplace to your living room. There's a reason 90% of newly built homes show a preference for gas fireplaces but Valor is as concerned about the sustainable aspect of any brand just as much as you are. Our units require absolutely no electricity and have … [Read more...]

Avoid the Hassle of Dealing With Wood-Burning Fireplaces

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Cozying up to a warm, crackling fire can be pure heaven. However, the work you have to do to keep a wood-burning fireplace going is a lot less appealing. How do you keep reaping the benefits of a toasty fire without paying for it in constant work and soot? By adding a gas fireplace instead. Here are a few reasons how gas fireplaces can bring the warmth — … [Read more...]