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    3 DIY Projects To Tackle This Spring

    As Spring quickly approaches, it’s important to take some time to refresh and get creative as the seasons change over. So why not tackle a DIY project that you can customize and show off proudly in your home! Keep reading for 3 DIY projects to tackle this spring: Lanterns It’s important to layer different sources of light in your home to produce a comfortable, inviting space. A great way to do that is to build these DIY lanterns, that are created using picture frames and display them in your home. You can use real or faux candles to add a layer of light to your room and you can put…

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    4 Home Design Trends For 2019

    The arrival of a new year brings exciting changes, including new design trends for 2019. This list will give you just a small look at what is predicted to be the hottest and most popular trends and designs for the year. Trends are a great thing to keep in mind when renovation or building a new home as they could end up influencing your decision. Keep reading to find out more: Floral Patterns When you hear the word floral you may think of an overwhelming design or outdated look, but surprisingly a floral pattern can be quite modern and unique. It’s predicted this year that floral with be THE pattern…

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    5 Unique Wall Shelves

    If there is one thing that everyone needs more of in the home, it’s storage! So, that’s why wall shelves are a great addition to any space as they add storage, give you a place to display your favourite items and they look great.  In fact, some wall shelves act as an art piece on the wall and as a statement for the room.  Keep reading on for 5 unique wall shelves. Rustic Wood Hanging Shelves These rustic wood shelves add a charm to your space while offering a fairly wide space to display your favourite items. These shelves look great as a group or can be used as a…

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    5 Ways To Improve Your Home’s Technology

      Technology is forever improving and changing as the years go by and it seems that you can find a piece of technology almost everywhere you go. So, to keep up with it all why not install a few things that will improve your home’s technology and make daily tasks a little more efficient. The options are endless from thermostats to lighting control and you might find that life gets a little easier with these systems in place.   Voice Assistant These little hubs are popping up everywhere from companies such as Google, Amazon, Samsung and more! You can basically have an assistant in your home who can provide you with…

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    Fireplace Design Center Update

    Valor’s Fireplace Design Center web application allows users to easily build and create their very own Valor fireplace right on their screen. After a very busy couple months of product updates, we have recently updated the app with a large-scale update. What’s New? The new update includes a new cover photo, all new Valor fireplace components, parts, accessories and model number/naming conventions that match up with all of our marketing and sales material. Everything from the latest H6 surrounds to the new rock and shale fuel beds in the Linear series have been included. We have also updated old Series with new photography and information throughout. Design Your Valor Fireplace…

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    Fireplace Design Center Updates

    After a Summer of new product introductions we wanted to ensure that our users could get a real feel for what building your own Valor fireplace can be like. We have recently updated our Fireplace Design Center web app with a number of new updates including the NEW H6 Series, Portrait Clearview & Madrona Square front options and accessories. Start building by clicking the example links below: Madrona Square Front Portrait Clearview H6 Series Get designing! Visit the Fireplace Design Center by clicking here.

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    Valor Fireplace Design Center

    One of the more exciting and interactive features on the Valor website is the Fireplace Design Center, a web application that lets users create and build their very own Valor fireplace. Introducing a few years ago, the Design Center has seen several upgrades with the most recent incorporating the “flat design” look we see today. Below we will go over how to create your very own Valor H5 Series, and once that’s done you can design your very own: Choose an Application The first step is to choose which type of application you want for your home. If you want to start with a new construction or renovation project, zero…