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    Fall Decor Inspiration

    Fall has officially arrived, which means it’s time to break out the Autumn decor and decorate your home!  Whether you choose to decorate the indoors or outdoors of your home, displaying Fall themed items will make your home feel even more welcoming and cozy. Keep reading to gather up some Fall decor inspiration: Welcome Home Decorating the front entrance of the home for Fall can set a very welcoming impression for anyone who enters. You can decorate with anything from wood signs to real pumpkins to create your own custom look by using a mix of materials. Don’t forget to bring in touches of natural elements in your design such as…

  • Retrofire Updates for 2018
    Valor Products

    Retrofire Updates for 2018

    Introducing the New and Improved Retrofire The Retrofire insert was designed to “retro-fit” existing masonry and wood burning fireplaces, and can even accommodate unique and challenging arched or uneven facings. The Retrofire will install in small spaces without the need of closure plates or traditional insert surrounds. Once installed, the Retrofire easily convects and radiates soothing heat. Some describe it as a direct vent, high efficiency gas log. To keep this unique product fresh and innovative, we offer the following exciting upgrades for 2018. New Engines The new engines offer both Direct Vent & B-Vent options and are available in Natural Gas and Propane. Taking a page from the Valor…

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    Locate a Valor Dealer this Summer

    Are you in the market for a new indoor or outdoor gas fireplace this Summer? Look no further than a radiant Valor gas fireplace to provide you and your family with the most comfortable, healthiest & most natural form of heating available. Valor fireplaces are sold through an authorized dealer network across Canada & the United States. Valor dealers provide qualified installations and aftermarket service. Owning a Valor fireplace is a truly enjoyable experience and our dealer network is an integral part of the process. From the initial search, to the finished product, our dealers will be there to make the process of owning a Valor as easy as possible.…

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    NEW Linear Family Brochure

    We are happy to announce an updated version of the Valor Linear Series family brochure. This update included the addition of Splitwood & Limestone for the L3 Series, updated HeatShift™ information, improved copy and more. Physical copies will soon be available at a local Valor dealership very soon! View Now To view or download the entire update for the Valor Linear fireplace brochure please click here.

  • Introducing the LX2 Corner Engines
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    Introducing the LX2 Corner Engines

    Introducing the LX2 Corner Left & Right Engines Valor’s multi-sided linear fireplace now offers two engine styles to choose from. The 3-Sided engine is designed for 180 degree enjoyment, while the Corner engines offers design flexibility. The LX2 provides outstanding radiant heat performance that will heat any living space. Media Options Available with Splitwood, Driftwood, Rock & Shale, and two types of glass fire beds, the LX2 will suit homeowners who value aesthetics, performance and safety. The LX2 Corner also incorporates new corner panels to complete the inner liner design. Features Besides offering a beautiful fire, Valor performance and clean style lines, the LX2 offer several unique features. Steel Framing…

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    Spotlight – Horizon Series

    Compact in design, the Horizon engine features a range of installation opportunities in both top and rear vent applications. Designs range from traditional to contemporary and everything in between. Additionally, the Horizon is flexible in application as an insert or new construction fireplace. Specifications Gas Type – Natural Gas (NG) or Propane (LPG) Viewing Area – 26 ½” w x 14 ¾” h = 391″² Energuide – 71.30% (NG) | 71.30% (LPG) Controls – ValorStat Plus remote & Wall Switch Kit Fuel Beds – Driftwood, Logs and Rocks Liners – Reflective Glass, Fluted Black, Red Brick and Ledgestone Brochure – View or download Owner’s Manual – View or download Design…

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    NEW H5/H6 Combo Brochure

    NEW H5/H6 Combo Brochure! We have recently combined the large format H5 & H6 Series into a single brochure in an effort to better articulate the differences and advantages of each fireplace. The H5 and H6 are our largest zero-clearance fireplaces and exude radiance and comfort. View some of the differences and similarities in the chart below: H5 Series Front & Fuel Bed Combinations: H6 Series Front & Fuel Bed Combinations: View/Download Now! To view the entirely new H5/H6 combined brochure please click here.

  • Portrait Driftwood
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    Introducing Driftwood for the Portrait Series

    The successful Driftwood fire, found on popular models such as the Legend G3 insert, Madrona Freestanding or zero-clearance H5 models, has now been incorporated into the 530 Portrait Series. Choose between the standard fluted black or brick liners, or go with the optional reflective glass liner for optimal flame enhancement. The addition of the 530DWK Driftwood to the Portrait lineup allows our customers more options over the standard log, rock or coal fires. Watch Now View a video of the new 530DWK by watching below:   Learn More To learn more about the Portrait Series and the new Driftwood option, visit valorfireplaces.com/portrait.

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    Comparing Legend G3.5 Burner Options

    Are you in the market for a sleek, efficient gas insert fireplace? Look no further than the Valor Legend G3.5 Insert Series, which boasts over two decades of design innovation. A radiant and highly efficient insert – paired with our ValorStat control technology – offers the ultimate comfort control for your home or living space. The G3.5 also offers Valor Dynamic Restrictor Technology (or VDRT) which automatically adjusts air flow within the fireplace, increasing thermal efficiencies. Now that you know some of the details, it’s time to decide on an engine and fuel bed combination. View the videos below to pick the best option for your home: Stainless Steel Burner…

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    Introducing the G3.5X Ceramic Burner

    The Legend G3.5 Series is now available with the same style contemporary ceramic burner as the G4 & H5. The new G3.5X (700X) now offers the popular Murano Glass & Decorative Glass fuel beds, while the Pebble Beach Driftwood will be available by November. Check out the new cermaic burners below and catch up on the 700I fuel bed options in order to get a full scope of the available options for your fireplace. 700X Ceramic Fuel Bed Options The new ceramic burner offers 3 new stunning fuel bed options – Murano Glass, Decorative Glass & Driftwood (Available this November): 700I Fuel Bed Options The 700I engine offers more traditional…