Get Past the Winter Doldrums This Year

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While many people love the winter for its snow, its sports and even for the cold, there are many others who would just as soon skip it. For those who get the winter doldrums, here are a few suggestions for making the season a little more bearable: Brighten the Mood – This task can be as simple as cleaning up a space and removing all the clutter … [Read more...]

Add a Two Sided Fireplace to Your Master Suite


There is no doubt that adding a freestanding gas fireplace can add drama, atmosphere and usually a little heat to a space. Unfortunately, these appliances usually also take up a lot more space than is convenient. In a master bedroom suite, however, the use of a two-sided fireplace can really add some value for the homeowner in terms of use and in real … [Read more...]

Embrace Minimalism With Your Radiant Gas Fireplace

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For many people, a streamlined and efficient home design is an appealing thought.  Proponents of minimalism, a design style that prefers clean lines and uncluttered spaces to ornate decorations, often seek simplified solutions to common home features.  One such feature that is now seeing minimalist treatment is the fireplace. The clean lines that are … [Read more...]