Tips to Resurface Your Gas Fireplace Surround

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The surround to your fireplace is an important element of your interior design. If your surround is beginning to wear down or it simply looks outdated, then you’ll want to replace it. The fireplace is the focal point in any room it's in, which means a shoddy looking surround is going to greatly affect the overall design of the room. The following is a … [Read more...]

Contemporary Ideas to Use for Your Gas Fireplace Mantel

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While gas fireplaces may not have the same traditional appeal as wood ones, their mantels can certainly rival any of those around. Still, new technology demands new style. Here are a few ideas for using the design of your gas fireplace for a contemporary touch: Use Tile – This is not just the familiar, ceramic material available for decades. Now, it … [Read more...]

Give Your Mantel Some Fresh Color

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Since the fireplace is usually the most prominent feature in a room, it stands to reason that it should be given an extra amount of attention when it comes to the room's décor. Here are some ideas for adding color to your fireplace's mantel to accomplish this goal: Standout White – Regardless of the overall color of a room, a white mantel and surround … [Read more...]