Need a Fresh Look for Your Fireplace? Try White!

radiant insert gas fireplaces

It's time to prep the fireplace for upcoming chilly nights. Do more than usual routine maintenance by updating it with a fresh look and style. Creating a new perspective for fireplace design ideas is simple when you think along unexpected lines and embrace the possibilities of white. Cozy charm A white mantle and surround are the ideal setting for a … [Read more...]

5 Ideas to Style Your Room Around Your Fireplace

radiant gas fireplaces

A radiant gas fireplace will bring warmth to your room while serving as its focal point. Watching the flames can be relaxing and even mesmerizing. Feeling the warmth provides a comfortable, cozy feeling. Create the cozy environment with upholstered chairs and a sofa facing the fireplace or at angles to it where you can feel the warmth. Add a mirror, … [Read more...]

Bored of Your Fireplace? Ideas for Updates

Source: Francisco Belard via Wikimedia Commons

In many homes, a fireplace stands out as the centerpiece of the room. In fact, its size, color and shape will dominate almost any decor. Still, fireplaces do become outdated and must be updated at some point. Here are a few ideas for updating yours if it has started to bore your aesthetic sensibility: Replace the Mantel – Much of a fireplace's … [Read more...]