Set Up Your Gas Fireplace for Safety

gas fireplace safety

Adding a gas fireplace to your home is a great way to improve both the comfort and look of your space. However, it’s imperative that you keep safety in mind when setting up your fireplace. The following are a few safety tips for setting up your gas fire place: Check smoke detectors – Make sure you have smoke detectors on every level of your … [Read more...]

Avoid Glass Burns When Using Your Gas Fireplace

gas fireplaces

A radiant gas fireplace can be the perfect feature for your home. Not only does it add warmth on those cool nights or cold winter mornings, but it adds to a welcoming and inviting atmosphere as well. As with any heating element, however, they do have their risks.  When operating a gas fireplace, make sure that you avoid glass burns. Most gas … [Read more...]

Considerations to Remember Before Placing a TV Above Your Gas Fireplace

fireplace design

Many homeowners will often put their TVs above their fireplaces. There’s a logical reason for doing so: the fireplace tends to be the focal point in the room, which means that placing the TV above it simply makes sense as the TV often is a focal point as well. However, when doing so you have to be careful about the heat affecting the TV. The main … [Read more...]