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    Houzz Project Update

    We’ve updated our Houzz Profile for 2017! Our online Houzz profile has been updated to include our latest photography and product updates from the past few months. New additions include projects for outdoor fireplaces, the Madrona Stove Series, the L1 2-Sided & more. Click the link below to view each project update: Outdoor Fireplaces – 8 photos of compatible zero clearance models added. L1, L1 2-Sided L2, L3 Series – Removed archived photos and added new photos in all project folders that display HeatShift and new media. H5, H6 Series – New photos for new fronts and HeatShift compatibility Legend Inserts – New photos for new fronts View Valor’s Houzz…

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    Follow Valor on Facebook!

    Join over 5000 followers on our Facebook page! If you aren’t following Valor on any of our social media accounts, you’re missing out! Today we’d like to remind the followers of our blog to like and follow us on Facebook for exclusive content, photos and video. Facebook, our largest social media platform, is a fantastic tool for keeping up with Valor fireplace owners. We actively encourage our customers and dealers to post on our page – including images of their fireplaces, questions, comments and more. Visit the link below to get started and join the thousands of loyal Valor fans. Follow Valor on Facebook by visiting facebook.com/ValorFireplaces

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    Utilizing a Valor Dealer

    Locating a Valor Dealer in your Area To find the nearest authorized Valor dealer in your area, simply enter your postal/zip code here or let the browser set your location by visiting valorfireplaces.com/contact A list of dealers in your area will be populated on the screen and provide you with contact details, the store address, a map of the surrounding area, directional support & more. Quality installations & aftermarket service Our dealers provides qualified installations and aftermarket service. We want to ensure that owning a Valor fireplace is a truly enjoyable experience and our dealer network is an integral part of the process. From the initial search to the finished product,…

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    Update Your Fireplace for Summer

    When the Summer months arrive, we tend to add Summer inspired decor and lighter designs into our homes to reflect the bright time of year and the sunshine. So, if you want to take that one step further why not give your Valor Fireplace a Summer update and change the interior look to reflect the hotter months – all while keeping with a modern look within your home. Keep reading to find out about the changes you can make to your Valor Fireplace. Keep in mind we always suggest that any fireplace maintenance or updating is performed by an authorized Valor dealer. Herringbone Liner – Available for the H5 &…

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    Get To Know Your Valor Fireplace

    Getting to Know Your Fireplace – Tips for New/Existing Owners Introducing a new educational section on our website for new and existing Valor gas fireplace owners. The new page provides a simple guide for basic features, control options, servicing and more. This tool should benefit staff, reps and dealers – as well as our new and existing customer base. Topics include: How do I turn my Valor fireplace ON and OFF? How do I adjust flame heights in my fireplace? What is the 6 Hour Turndown feature? What is the 5 Day Pilot Shutdown feature? What other features are available with my remote? Remote/Handset Location and Set Temperatures How do…

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    How Do I Turn My Fireplace On and Off?

    Turning the Fireplace ON There are 2 easy ways to get started with your Valor fireplace – use either the standard handheld remote control or the optional Valor wall switch. When using your remote control, hold down the OFF and large flame button simultaneously. You will hear a beep, which starts the activation sequence – release the buttons at this point. Once the pilot light ignites, the flames will turn to full fire and remain in “Manual Mode”. When operating from your Valor wall switch, press the ON/OFF button and your pilot will ignite and turn the flame to high fire. Turning the Fireplace OFF Easily shut down your fireplace…

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    How To Bring More Natural Light Into The Home

    Do you find that your home feels dark and without many sources of natural light on a regular basis? Well, it’s time to solve this problem and light up the home to make it feel bright and cheerful. It’s been said that the more light you let into your home, the better you will feel day to day and it can increase your mood which is a huge plus. The tough part can be how figuring out how to bring more of that beautiful natural light into your home. Luckily, it can be done with a few changes to the home, so keep reading to find out how to bring…

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    Fireplace Safety Tips

    Before we begin we should note that fireplace surfaces, in particular, the glass viewing window, are extremely hot during operation and will remain hot for a period of time after the fireplace is turned off. Please ensure your fireplace has cooled before inspecting the unit. Barrier Screens – Included with Every Purchase Included with your purchase, a Valor Barrier Screen is recommended at all times. Install an approved aftermarket safety barrier gate (as shown above) to keep toddlers, young children, and at-risk individuals a safe distance from the fireplace. Important Tips to Remember Keep furniture, draperies and other objects at least 36″ clear from the front of the fireplace. Keep…

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    Why is my Fireplace Manual Important?

    While instruction manuals might be something you usually just throw in the nearest drawer, your Valor fireplace’s manual contains important safety, servicing, and future reference material. We would highly suggest reading your manual before the initial operation to learn about the many benefits and features associated with your Valor fireplace. What can I learn from my manual? Fireplace safety information – barrier screens, viewing glass & more Lighting instructions Fireplace operation methods Cleaning your fireplace Checking pilot and burner flames Remote & wall switch operation Replacing the batteries in your remote or receiver Fireplace servicing What to do if you smell gas Wall clearances & other dimensional information Fireplace Warranty…

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    Timer & Temperature Modes

    Your Valor fireplace has a number of options and modes available that will benefit both the fireplace and you as a homeowner. The ValorStat Plus remote control gives you the power to select, adjust and program the desired temperature that you want while the built-in timer turns your fireplace ON to warm your home before you wake up and can be programmed to turn OFF after you go to bed. Learn more about each operational mode below: Setting the Temperature To set the temperature of your fireplace, similar to central heating in your home, Follow these quick steps: press the SET button until you see the TEMP (SUN) mode. Hold…