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    How To Incorporate Wood Into Your Home

    Wood has made a huge comeback over the years and we are starting to see it in almost every home. Whether it’s wood floors or a wood bed frame, there are so many options when it comes to incorporating wood into your home and it can really help improve the look of your space. Flooring Wood flooring can be a great choice for almost any room in the house as it’s versatile and can really help update your space. While installing a new floor isn’t a quick way to incorporate wood into your home, the results will be well worth it and you’ll be left with brand new, low maintenance…

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    Fall Promotional Event Begins Today!

    We are pleased to kick off the Fall season with a new promotional event. Our customers can save money on their upcoming fireplace installations which now includes the popular Valor HeatShift™ system. HeatShift™ is recommended when adding a TV, artwork or heat sensitive materials above your fireplace – so you won’t want to miss out on the savings. Ask your dealer about how you can save money on an upcoming Valor installation by visiting a local showroom today. When does the special take place? Save on installations from September 10th – October 31st, 2018. Locate a dealer to learn more To learn more about the promotional special in your area…

  • New Home Professionals Portal
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    New Home Professionals Portal

    The Valor Home Professionals portal has been updated with all new imagery, improved layout and content, as well as updating the download to include the latest spec information. This section is ideal for professionals wishing to learn more about our products, product features and the HeatShift™ system. Create the perfect environment for your clients Since 1890 Valor has been pioneering and perfecting radiant heat technology. While most fireplaces blow heated air into the room, ours gently heat everything in the area – people, furniture, walls – generating a constant, comfortable warmth that remains even after the gas is turned off. Our fireplaces provide more than just a good-looking flame in…

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    NEW Linear Family Brochure

    We are happy to announce an updated version of the Valor Linear Series family brochure. This update included the addition of Splitwood & Limestone for the L3 Series, updated HeatShift™ information, improved copy and more. Physical copies will soon be available at a local Valor dealership very soon! View Now To view or download the entire update for the Valor Linear fireplace brochure please click here.

  • Introducing the LX2 Corner Engines
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    Introducing the LX2 Corner Engines

    Introducing the LX2 Corner Left & Right Engines Valor’s multi-sided linear fireplace now offers two engine styles to choose from. The 3-Sided engine is designed for 180 degree enjoyment, while the Corner engines offers design flexibility. The LX2 provides outstanding radiant heat performance that will heat any living space. Media Options Available with Splitwood, Driftwood, Rock & Shale, and two types of glass fire beds, the LX2 will suit homeowners who value aesthetics, performance and safety. The LX2 Corner also incorporates new corner panels to complete the inner liner design. Features Besides offering a beautiful fire, Valor performance and clean style lines, the LX2 offer several unique features. Steel Framing…

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    New Featured Pages!

    The Valor website has recently been updated with an all new design for featured content pages. The new sections incorporate beauty shots of Valor radiant gas fireplaces, focus on the content that matters the most, and provide a better flow compared to the previous iterations. Review several of the pages below and learn more about about the most popular selling features of a Valor fireplace: HeatShift™ Designed to reduce surface temperatures, HeatShift™ is recommended when adding a wall mounted TV, artwork or heat sensitive materials above your fireplace. Learn more: valorfireplaces.com/heatshift Outdoor Fireplaces Using a Valor radiant gas fireplace outdoors provides the kind of heat you and your family need…

  • L1 Linear Series fireplace
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    Spotlight – L1 Linear Series

    A highly effective radiant and convective heater, the L1 raises “decorative widescreen” fireplace standards. Engineered to enhance flame depth and width without sacrificing efficiency, the specialized Valor burner projects radiant warmth – where you want it, when you want it. HeatShift™ The L1 is also ready to take the HeatShift™ System – which is recommend for installations where cooler walls immediately above the fireplace are desirable. To learn more about HeatShift watch the video below:   Specifications Gas Type – Natural Gas (NG) or Propane (LPG) Viewing Area – 36 ⅜” w x 13″ h = 473″² Energuide – 66.30% (NG) | 67.00% (LPG) Controls – ValorStat Plus remote &…

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    NEW H5/H6 Combo Brochure

    NEW H5/H6 Combo Brochure! We have recently combined the large format H5 & H6 Series into a single brochure in an effort to better articulate the differences and advantages of each fireplace. The H5 and H6 are our largest zero-clearance fireplaces and exude radiance and comfort. View some of the differences and similarities in the chart below: H5 Series Front & Fuel Bed Combinations: H6 Series Front & Fuel Bed Combinations: View/Download Now! To view the entirely new H5/H6 combined brochure please click here.

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    Top Posts for July 2017

    August is officially here but we wanted to take a moment to reflect on some great blog content from July. With the Summer heat setting in we’ve gathered up the top 5 posts of the month to review, and once you’re done reading those wouldn’t you just love to be in a setting like the one pictured above? Learn more about Valor’s outdoor fireplace lineup by clicking here. 5 Tips to make your Home Magazine Worthy Handset Location and Set Temperatures HeatShift™ Benefits & Options Outdoor Fireplace Options 3 Homemade Frozen Desserts As always, make sure to subscribe to our blog using the sign up form on the sidebar –…

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    NEW HeatShift™ Brochure

    The HeatShift™ System brochure has been updated for 2017 with a number of important changes. Incorporated is a new visual design used on recent brochure updates, while also including these important updates: New room setting examples showcasing the different venting applications – including wall valance. See images below for examples. Updated and organized content throughout for a clearer picture of the overall system and application methods. Line drawings of different venting applications based on HeatShift™ components. Simplified line drawing and explanation of system – incorporated HeatShift temperature gauge. New line drawings for wall/valance outlet and side outlets on spec page. Installation Examples View & Download To view and download the…