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    New HeatShift Compatibility

    HeatShift Now Compatible with the H5, H6 & L1 2-Sided Series All Valor “J” Series H5 & H6 models, as well as the 1600JN/JP L1 2-Sided, are now compatible with the Valor HeatShift System, which is also offered on the other J Series linear fireplace (L3, L2, L1). We recommend this option especially for installations where cooler walls immediately above the fireplace are desirable. All HeatShift Compatible Products: L3 Linear Series (1800JN/JP) L2 Linear Series (1700JN/JP) L1 2-Sided Linear Series (1600JN/JP) L1 Linear Series (1500JN/JP) H6 Series (1400JN/JP) H5 Series (1100JN/JP & 1150JLN/JLP) Installation Examples: HeatShift System To learn more about the many benefits of the HeatShift system please click…

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    Choosing a Valor Linear Fireplace

    Choosing a Valor Linear Gas Fireplace Valor Fireplaces have a collection of unique linear (or widescreen) fireplaces that vary in both size and application. Maximizing heat performance in your home or patio with state of the art radiant heat technology and comfort control, Valor is able to separate from the competition who focus largely on aesthetics instead of heat performance. Currently, Valor has four indoor linear models and one outdoor linear fireplace. Compatible for most room applications, each fireplace works in unison with a stunning collection of clean, contemporary surrounds. Discover more about each model below: L3 Linear Series Further expanding the popular line of Valor linear gas fireplaces, we…