• Introducing the Madrona Modern Stove
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    Introducing the Madrona Modern Stove

    We are expanding our freestanding stove lineup with the all new Madrona Modern (MFCSO5). Inspired by Scandinavian design, the Modern features an all new contemporary style for a broader appeal and fills a gap in our current freestanding lineup. The Modern utilizes the same Madrona engine you already sell, renowned for its heating power. The Madrona is a Valor output leader with a full secondary heat exchanger, Valor radiant heat and up to 75% turndown. The perfect “No Power No Problem” fireplace when an arctic blizzard puts you in its icy grip. Full Launch this March – 2 Color Options this February The Madrona Modern will initially be available in…

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    New HeatShift Compatibility

    HeatShift Now Compatible with the H5, H6 & L1 2-Sided Series All Valor “J” Series H5 & H6 models, as well as the 1600JN/JP L1 2-Sided, are now compatible with the Valor HeatShift System, which is also offered on the other J Series linear fireplace (L3, L2, L1). We recommend this option especially for installations where cooler walls immediately above the fireplace are desirable. All HeatShift Compatible Products: L3 Linear Series (1800JN/JP) L2 Linear Series (1700JN/JP) L1 2-Sided Linear Series (1600JN/JP) L1 Linear Series (1500JN/JP) H6 Series (1400JN/JP) H5 Series (1100JN/JP & 1150JLN/JLP) Installation Examples: HeatShift System To learn more about the many benefits of the HeatShift system please click…

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    Featured Product – H6 ZC Series

    Introduced in 2015, the H6 Series was Valor’s first large format fireplace. With years of constant product advancements in heat output and controllability thanks to the popular Horizon Series, the H6 was poised for success. The H6 offers a 60% larger viewing area than the mid-sized H5 Series, making it appear grand in presence. A powerful secondary heat exchanger promotes convective warmth backed by Valor radiant heat technology. Zone heat multiple spaces with the Valor remote blower kit accessory. Discover more about the popular H6 by reading below. Firebeds The H6 Series has 4 unique firebeds to choose from – Driftwood (Driftwood, Pebbles & River Rock), Standard logs, Murano Glass…