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    5 Ways To Better Use Corner Space

    The corner spaces in your home can often sit empty and unused as it can be hard to find something to fill the space. We also tend to focus on the center of the home when it comes to decorating, so it’s important to remember to expand the design into the corners. Small spaces or corners can be really quite useful when you are trying to maximize storage, increase the functionality of your room or improve on your style. Planters An indoor plant is a fantastic way to fill an empty corner in your home and bring some the outside into your home. This touch of greenery will bring a…

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    Subscribe to the Valor YouTube Channel

    The Valor YouTube channel houses a collection of videos that range from product features to flame examples and so much more. For users looking to find information on company history, products or technical support we have what you’re looking for. Look out for a number of new videos to be added in the coming months as we continue to expand our channel. To learn more about Valor Fireplaces watch the videos below:   Subscribe Today! To always stay up to date with the latest Valor videos please click here and click the “Subscribe” button in the right corner under the banner.

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    4 Ways To Host A Great Housewarming Party

    When you’ve moved into a new home, it seems only right to host a housewarming once you have officially settled.  This gives your friends and family a chance to check out your new dwelling and allows you to show off all the hard work you’ve put into the home. However, if this is your first opportunity to host a gathering or event it can be a tad overwhelming even for the most experienced host. So, to make the process a little easier we have gathered 4 ways to ensure you host a great housewarming party below: Ensure Guests Comfort: The number one key to any party is ensuring that all guests…

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    Follow Valor on Instagram

    Instagram is a growing social platform for Valor, but it’s perhaps the best method to easily share photos and short video to our valued customers and dealers. Valor’s Instagram feed is ever-growing and we hope to attract a large number of our Facebook and Twitter followers to the platform in 2016! For those that don’t know, Instagram is a community of more than 300 million users who capture photo and video for the world to see and share. Our Instagram feeds consists of new product announcements, new website and literature media, architectural and design features, TV appearances and so much more. We even share exclusive photography that you won’t find…

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    Valor Donates to the BC Burn Fund Centre

    Send us your Valor fireplace photo and we’ll donate $5 to the BC Burn Fund Centre! As a proud member of the North Shore community in Vancouver, British Columbia we are continuing an annual tradition of supporting Stanley Park Bright Nights & the BC Burn Fund Centre. Miles Industries is happy to announce that we will be donating to the BC Professional Fire Fighters’ Burn Fund charity this holiday season with some help from our valued customers! On behalf of all British Columbians that currently own a Valor Gas Fireplace we want to donate in your honour. There’s only one thing we ask from you: Turn your Valor Gas Fireplace…

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    Community Posts!

    We’d like to take some time to recognize some of the great fireplace installations that have been shared with us over the past few months from our customers & dealers. Through social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Houzz and more, users are easily able to post their custom Valor installs and showcase the love of the product! Looking to post your own Valor? Use the comments section below the gallery or post to any of our social media pages to share your fireplace. Click the thumbnails below to learn more:

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    Follow Valor on Facebook

    Social media is a big avenue for Valor to announce things like new products, TV media, technical servicing and so much more, and Facebook is at the forefront of our social campaigns. With over 3,800 followers Facebook is Valor’s largest social platform and encourages our customers and dealers to actively post on our page. Review some of the way our Facebook page can help you get more information on Valor today: Interact with Valor Whenever we post a photo, status update or video, we encourage our users to comment, ask questions or post their own photos to show us. We love to interact with our customers so if you ever…

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    Creative Home Bar Ideas

    Do you love to entertain? Most people you talk to love to have people over for social nights or dinner parties full of great food and drinks. But do you ever find something is missing on these nights? One of the key components that sometimes can be forgotten are beverages! Whether you are serving non alcoholic cocktails or smooth high balls, presentation and how you serve your drinks is very important. So, why not serve drinks and refreshments from a home bar where your guests can relax and see your selection all at the same time. Now, a home bar may sound pricey, but luckily there are a few different options from…

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    Valor & Instagram

    Instagram is an exciting and unique way to share your personal life or business through unique photography and video updates.  Instagram not only connects you with people from all over the world, you can also keep up to date with your favorite companies and products as well. In fact, did you know Valor Fireplaces has it’s very own Instagram account? Valor started an Instagram account a few years back with the hope to grow the platform for 2015 and beyond. Valor wants to make sure that the photos and video shown on Instagram aren’t just the same old shots from other social media sites, they want a unique experience for the end…