How to Clean the Glass Beads in Your Valor Fireplace


As easy as it is to use a radiant gas fireplace – basically you flip a switch or hit a button – that doesn’t mean that no maintenance is required. Not to worry though, maintaining your radiant gas fireplace isn’t too difficult. Basically, you just need to make sure that you keep it clean throughout the year. Contemporary Bedroom via Houzz One of … [Read more...]

Understand the Venting Options for Your Radiant Gas Fireplace

radiant gas fireplaces

If you are thinking about adding a radiant gas fireplace to your home, one of the things that you’re going to have to consider is what type of ventilation system you want. The following are some of the venting options available when adding a radiant gas fireplace to your home: Direct vent – A venting appliance that draws in combustion air … [Read more...]

A Radiant Gas Fireplace is a Great Home Feature During Storm Season

radiant gas fireplaces

Severe storms are something that we have usually have to deal with every year.  This can sometimes result in power outages. When your home experiences a power outage, it often becomes difficult to remain comfortable due to the lack of heat. This is where having a Valor radiant gas fireplace helps. Most of the time, severe weather begins to slowly … [Read more...]