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    3 Ways To Add Retro Style Your Home

    Vintage style and retro decor has been on the rise lately in the home design world and it’s no surprise why. Retro style brings a layer of charm to your home and can mix in really well in a modern setting. While it can be intimidating to go bold with colors and patterns, the end result is well worth the risk! Keep reading to learn 3 ways to add retro style to your home: Furniture If you want to go bold when it comes to adding retro style to your home, the best place to start is with the furniture. Whether you want to go for a velvet couch or…

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    3 Simple Tricks To Make Your Home Feel Modern

    It can feel intimidating to update or renovate your home, so it’s a great idea to start making small upgrades around the home to build your skills and to help you gain confidence for larger projects. These simple tricks add a nice touch to the home and they are easy changes to make. Keep reading to for 4 simple tricks to make your home feel modern: Air Vents: Floor air vents may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to home upgrades. However, these grates can have a brassy, undesirable finish and can be quite noticeable depending on where they’re located in the home. For a quick, cost-effective update…

  • NEW Retrofire Insert Brochure
    Valor Products

    NEW Retrofire Insert Brochure

    We are happy to announce an all new Retrofire brochure that has been updated with a new format that highlights the updated engines, installation methods and why the Retrofire is right for you. The Retrofire insert is designed for installation within existing masonry and factory-built wood burning fireplaces. Install your Retrofire clean, as it does not require a front or trim for operation. To learn more about the Retrofire insert, visit valorfireplaces.com/retrofire. Click here to view/download the 2018 Retrofire brochure.

  • New Home Professionals Portal
    Fireplace Information

    New Home Professionals Portal

    The Valor Home Professionals portal has been updated with all new imagery, improved layout and content, as well as updating the download to include the latest spec information. This section is ideal for professionals wishing to learn more about our products, product features and the HeatShift™ system. Create the perfect environment for your clients Since 1890 Valor has been pioneering and perfecting radiant heat technology. While most fireplaces blow heated air into the room, ours gently heat everything in the area – people, furniture, walls – generating a constant, comfortable warmth that remains even after the gas is turned off. Our fireplaces provide more than just a good-looking flame in…

  • Register Your Valor Warranty Information
    Valor Products

    Register Your Fireplace Warranty

    So you’ve just finished installing your beautiful new Valor gas fireplace, now what? One of the first things you should do is register your Valor warranty to ensure you get the long term protection needed in case of any unforeseen issues. If you ever have a problem with a Valor unit, it is best to contact your local Valor dealer or supplier immediately. Register Today! To Register your fireplace warranty, please click here or click the image below and fill out the form. Once the form is filled out you are good to go for up to 10 years! The updated form will now supply you with a confirmation page…

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    Updated G4 Insert Brochure

    We are happy to announce an update to the Legend G4 Insert brochure. This update brings a number of improvements to the brochure including new fuel bed and front/trim finish sections, as well as improved copy, imagery and spec information. Learn more by viewing the updates below. Choose your style & liner Choose your finish Choose your fuel bed Learn More To view the complete brochure please click here. For more information on the Legend G4 Insert please visit valorfireplaces.com/g4.

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    NEW Linear Family Brochure

    We are happy to announce an updated version of the Valor Linear Series family brochure. This update included the addition of Splitwood & Limestone for the L3 Series, updated HeatShift™ information, improved copy and more. Physical copies will soon be available at a local Valor dealership very soon! View Now To view or download the entire update for the Valor Linear fireplace brochure please click here.

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    Introducing the Horizon/H4 Brochure

    The Valor Horizon & H4 Series brochures have been combined into one beautiful new showcase piece! For well over a decade, the Horizon Series has expanded its line of diverse,energy efficient, heater-rated fireplaces while the H4 offered a more contemporary feel. We have packed the new look brochure full of new content, imagery and interactive features along with fantastic new specification and framing references. Discover the new brochure below: What’s New? New 2015 format, following previous re-designs Covers both the Valor Horizon and Valor H4 Series. Brand new product descriptions Brand new specification pages, including framing & dimensional information Imagery has been updated throughout with brand new fires PDF Brochure…