Get Past the Winter Doldrums This Year

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While many people love the winter for its snow, its sports and even for the cold, there are many others who would just as soon skip it. For those who get the winter doldrums, here are a few suggestions for making the season a little more bearable: Brighten the Mood – This task can be as simple as cleaning up a space and removing all the clutter … [Read more...]

The Comfort of a Gas Fireplace Complements a Cozy Kitchen

gas fireplaces

With the growing popularity of open kitchen designs, the kitchen is becoming less of a sterile work space and more of a comfortable location in which to gather with family and friends. A gas fireplace can help create a pleasant and cozy place to enjoy coffee or desert. Here are some tips, courtesy of Valor Radiant Gas Fireplace. Space Considerations For … [Read more...]

Is Going Green One of Your New Year’s Resolutions? A Gas Fireplace Can Help

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This New Years, making your life a little bit greener can be as luxurious as adding a radiant gas fireplace to your living room. There's a reason 90% of newly built homes show a preference for gas fireplaces but Valor is as concerned about the sustainable aspect of any brand just as much as you are. Our units require absolutely no electricity and have … [Read more...]