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    Visit Valor at the Calgary Renovation Show 2019

    Valor will be showcasing our fireplaces this week at the Calgary Renovation Show! Visit booth #142 to learn more about latest products and offerings, and feel the warmth of a radiant gas fireplace.   When’s the show? January 11th – 13th, 2019 Where’s the show? The Calgary Renovation Show will be held at the BMO Centre. For directional and mapping support, click the map below:   Where’s Valor’s booth? Make sure to visit booth #142 where you’ll find stunning radiant gas fireplaces from Valor. Drop by our booth during your visit to learn more! To learn more about the Calgary Renovation Show, please click here.

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    How To Be A Great Host For The Holidays

    Parties and dinner are so common this time of year that it can make the month of December fly by.  In fact, the month can be made even busier if you happen to be the host for Christmas! Between the prep work and actually hosting the event, there is a lot to remember. This includes being a great host, which is easy to forget when you are trying to get everything done. So before you host your next event, check out this list to learn how to be a great host for the holidays: Prepare In Advance When you’re hosting Christmas dinner, it can sometimes feel stressful and overwhelming. However,…

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    When The Power Fails, Your Valor Won’t

    Our products provide efficient warmth, designed to heat your home without a fan or power supply. Engineered to circulate air through natural convection, Valor fireplaces are highly efficient without a fan – providing reliable heat, even during a power failure. The “Polar Vortex” storms of 2014 were an extreme weather event extending from December 2013 to April 2014 and caused significant power outages and damage throughout North America. Record breaking cold air & winds knocked out power for thousands of individuals who were left without heat. In situations like this, your home needs to be your safe haven. Valor fireplaces provide a warm, comfortable environment for you and your loved…

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    3 Ways To Keep The Warmth In

    The cold temperatures and winter weather are now here to stay, at least until we see the early signs of spring.  Due to this change in weather, it’s extra important to bundle up and keep the warmth inside the home for comfort all winter long. These simple ideas will help you keep warm and you can get the whole family involved to help keep the warmth in: Consider Curtains & Window Coverings: Most likely you already have blinds or curtains over your windows, but are you using them to keep the warmth in? When the temperatures drop low it’s important to close up the window coverings, blinds and curtains to stop any cold…

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    5 Ways To Prepare For A Power Outage

    Power outages can happen at any time and can be quite surprising if you aren’t prepared. So, the best thing you can do is gather a few supplies and prepare yourself for the next outage before it happens.  Consider the size of your family when preparing supplies and make sure to keep an emergency kit in a convenient, easy to reach location. Keep reading for 5 ways to prepare for a power outage.   Prepare A Kit: When you begin to think about preparing for an emergency, the number one item on the list should be to packing an emergency kit. Ideally, you can make a kit that would cover you for…

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    The Dos And Don’ts Of Decorating With White

    When it comes to home design, white has always been a popular and modern choice for the walls, furniture, floors and decor. However, there are some things to keep in mind when you decorate with white and it’s important to find a balance as you create your design.  Keep reading for the dos and don’ts of decorating with white. Do Explore Different Shades When you decide to use the color white as the main look in your home, it’s important to explore all of the shades available to find the right fit. For example, you may want an off-white for a bedroom to encourage a sense of warmth whereas you may…

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    Visit Valor at the 2018 Vancouver Fall Home Show

    Valor is happy to announce our continual support and involvement for the annual Vancouver Fall Home Show. The show is one of the top resources for home improvement projects, both inside and out, and will feature everything from TV stars to the top home specialists around. Innovation and inspiration is around every corner, visit booth #1029 to feel the radiant warmth! When’s the show? October 18th – 21st, 2018 Where’s the show? The Vancouver Fall Home shown will be held at Vancouver Convention Centre. For directional and mapping support, click the map below: Visit Valor today! Looking to see live burning Valor flames and talk to our extremely qualified staff…

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    Visit Valor at the 2018 Portland Fall Home Show

    Valor will be showcasing our beautiful gas fireplaces this weekend at the Portland Fall Home show! If you’re looking for innovative trends and the latest in home and garden, this is the show for you. Come visit Valor at booth #1112 to feel the warmth of a radiant gas fireplace and discover the benefits of upgrading. Learn more about the show below: When’s the show? October 4th – 7th, 2018 Where’s the show? The Portland Fall Home show will be held at the Portland Expo Center. For directional and mapping support, click the map below: Visit Valor Today! You can see live burning Valor flames and talk to our extremely…

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    Decorating with Plaid

    Plaid seems to be a pattern that appears with the arrival of the Fall season. It’s checkered design and warm colors, give off an extra cozy feel that fits nicely with the season and the colder temperatures. Now, when it comes to bringing in plaid within home design it can be the perfect accent for neutral colors and it gives off a sense of warmth. Layered Doormat If you love the idea of a little plaid pattern for your home, this is a perfect idea! All you need is a plaid doormat and a second doormat & a non stick mat to recreate this lovely layered look. Use the non-slip mat between…

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    Visit Valor at IDS Vancouver 2018

    Valor will be taking part in the IDS Vancouver Interior Design show from September 20th – 23rd! The show features over 250 exhibitors ranging from industry professionals to architects to every day consumers, all of which are extremely excited to showcase their design work and new products. Valor will be showcasing some of the top selling fireplaces and even a few of our latest products. When’s the show? September 20th – 23rd, 2018 Where’s the show? IDS Vancouver 2018 will be held at the Vancouver Convention Centre. For directional and mapping support, click the map below: Where can you feel the warmth of a Valor Fireplace? You can see live…