• Retrofire Updates for 2018
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    Retrofire Updates for 2018

    Introducing the New and Improved Retrofire The Retrofire insert was designed to “retro-fit” existing masonry and wood burning fireplaces, and can even accommodate unique and challenging arched or uneven facings. The Retrofire will install in small spaces without the need of closure plates or traditional insert surrounds. Once installed, the Retrofire easily convects and radiates soothing heat. Some describe it as a direct vent, high efficiency gas log. To keep this unique product fresh and innovative, we offer the following exciting upgrades for 2018. New Engines The new engines offer both Direct Vent & B-Vent options and are available in Natural Gas and Propane. Taking a page from the Valor…

  • Fireplace Information

    Choosing the Right Fireplace

    Are you having trouble deciding what kind of fireplace is right for you home or outdoor living space? Valor Fireplaces offer a wide variety of installation options – ranging from traditional to modern – to fit any living space. Discover the difference between zero clearance, insert, outdoor and freestanding Valor fireplaces by reading below: Insert Gas Fireplaces Are you converting from an old, inefficient wood burning fireplace? Switch your existing wood-burning gas fireplace into a reliable, heater-rated Valor gas insert. An industry leader in efficient gas insert products, we offer a wide selection of fireplace sizes that adapt to your existing masonry cavity. A welcomed update and upgrade to your…

  • Layered Design
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    Spotlight – H4 Series

    Designed as a four-sided version of the Horizon fireplace, the H4 Series eliminates the need for a traditional hearth in your living space. Elevated to your preferred height the H4 nestles comfortably in your choice of surrounding wall surfaces. Choose from two different (landscape and square) backing plates and one of four inner bezel surrounds in copper, nickel painted, nickel plated or black. Specifications Gas Type – Natural Gas (NG) or Propane (LPG) Viewing Area – 26 ½” w x 14 ¾” h = 391″² Energuide – 71.30% Controls – ValorStat Plus remote & Wall Switch Kit Fuel Beds – Driftwood, Logs & Rocks Liners – Red Brick, Ledgestone, Fluted…

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    Spotlight – H5 Series

    The H5 Series is a diverse fireplace, blending distinct, quality materials with the latest in radiant and convective heat technology. Equipped with four unique fuel bed options including murano or decorative glass, traditional log and pebble beach driftwood, the H5 caters to those seeking both traditional and contemporary flame appeal. Specifications Gas Type – Natural Gas (NG) or Propane (LPG) Viewing Area – 16 ¾” w x 15 ⅜” h = 258″² Energuide – 70.00% (1100NG/LPG) 70.95% (1150NG/LPG) Controls – ValorStat Max remote & Remote Battery and Wall Switch Kit Fuel Beds – Driftwood, Traditional Logs, Murano Glass or Decorative Glass Liners – Reflective Glass, Fluted Black, Plain Black, Red…

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    Introducing Herringbone for the H5 & H6

    Now Available on the H5 & H6 Series The sought after and highly anticipated Herringbone liners, available in Adobe color, are now available on the H6 & H5 Series. The new liner in combination with a radiant Valor gas flame will produce a stunning visual for any home, showroom or living space. Ask your authorized Valor Dealer about the new Herringbone (1475HBL or 1175HBL) liners today to learn more. Learn More Learn more about each product by visiting the H6 Series or H5 Series product pages.

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    Featured: H6 Series

    Although large in presence, the H6 Series firebox design features tapered sides and shallow depth for smooth installation in a variety of applications. An impressive secondary heat exchanger circulates warm air naturally through convection. As well, custom fuel beds are designed to project this radiant warmth to objects in your living space creating a steady, even heat. Fuel Bed & Liner Options The H6 offers a variety of options to enhance your living space. Fuel beds include the popular Pebble Beach Driftwood, Murano Glass, Decorative Glass & Traditional Log Set. To complete the look of your firebox, utilize one of our liner options. Liners include Red Brick, Fluted Black, Plain…

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    Ledgeview ZC Now Available

    Last year we launched the Ledgeview front for the Insert version of the Portrait Series engine. We are now happy to announce that, due to popular demand, the Ledgeview Zero Clearance front (546LFB/N/ZZC) – Note the “ZC” differentiator) is now available in black, bronze finishes and brushed nickel finishes. The new front optimizes installation opportunities, expanding our product diversification. Ledge vs. Ledgeview The most obvious difference between the Ledge and Ledgeview is that the trim is slightly narrower and the Ledgeview includes a backing plate which some prefer. The Ledge and Ledgeview together offer Valor customers 2 great contemporary options for any application. Learn More To learn more about the…

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    Introducing Edgemont Hammered Fronts

    All new “Hammered” fronts have been developed for the Legend G3.5 & G4 insert Series, as well as the zero-clearance H5 Series. The hammered fronts utilize the same “lift-off” application as the Edgemont fronts, which give you the option of different trim and backing plates – maximizing installation opportunities. The new Edgemont Hammered fronts are finely crafted with 11 gauge corner gussets, solid steel rivet heads, rich powder coat paint and hand finished antique copper. Check out some examples below for each series: Learn More To learn more about the Hammered Fronts and products associated with them, please visit the Legend G3.5, G4 or H5 Series pages.

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    The Valor H6 Series

    Continual advancements in heat technology and product ingenuity have seen the Horizon Series grow and diversify through multiple models and accessories. The contemporary four-sided H4 Series and larger H5 Series being examples of this success. Expanding upon the Horizon family legacy, the H6 Series has evolved from different elements within the Horizon Series family. Structured as a large format fireplace, the H6 is inspired by features that are proven in the field. Although large in presence, the firebox design features tapered sides and shallow depth for smooth installation in a variety of applications. A choice of unique fuel beds include the traditional log set, coastal driftwood, decorative glass and Murano…

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    NEW H6 Brochure & Photos

    The H6 Series, Valor’s latest & largest fireplace, has seen a big media update this week! A brand new brochure has been introduced that completely covers the different aspects of the product, introduces all new imagery and offers thorough descriptions throughout. This brochure follows the same design as our current product line up, offering vivid photography and a full detailing of fireplace specifications. Check out the latest H6 brochure by clicking the link below or clicking here. Valor H6 ZC Fireplace Structured as a large format fireplace, the H6 is inspired by features that are proven in the field. Although large in presence, the firebox design features tapered sides and…